The latest International Business Case Report for Diversity

IBCR 3.1 – The latest International Business Case Report for Diversity available now

The new International Business Case Report (IBCR 3.1) represents a new milestone in the history of the Business Case for Diversity. This revised edition of the unique global research report summarises 205 carefully selected studies substantiating the value-added from Diversity & Inclusion.

A quantum leap in both quantity and quality of evidence on D&I benefits

IBCR 3.1 takes the Business Case for Diversity to a new level by providing new quality of evidence for the benefits of effectively managing differences. The report does this through 205 systematically evaluated empirical studies from 36 different countries or regions, all checked for significance, robustness, validity, reliability and, if applicable, for statistical bias. It covers 6 out of 7 key dimensions of diversity: Age, Ethnicity/Culture, Disability, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Work/Life-Balance. The studies show that D&I leads to internal benefits on organisational, interpersonal and individual levels as well as external advantages vis-à-vis clients or markets, shareholders or candidates.

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