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Take part in our Women’s Transition Barriers Survey and get your own personal report!

If you are a woman, what do you perceive to be holding you back in your career? How much is yourself? How much is your organisation or other factors?

For most leaders, getting the talent they need to meet their goals is an imperative. Yet while women represent over half the available talent pool, many organisations struggle to retain and grow talented women, and women continue to be under-represented at the leadership level.

JUMP, in partnership with Leverage HR (a talent development firm that focuses on transitioning talented women to the top), would like to go beyond the traditional analysis of obstacles holding women back to better understand what you as women perceive to be stopping you from moving into leadership roles or in your transition towards the next level. We would like to ask you to participate in this survey and share your thoughts.

In your inbox, you will have received an invitation email to take part in our latest Women’s Transition Barriers survey. Take the survey now and get your own personalised report on your own obstacles to your career! If it’s not in your inbox, you might want to check your spam.

After you’ve take the survey, you’ll get your own personalised report based on your answers. This report provides you with the results of where your greatest challenges to move into a next level role lie, and some tips on how to get there.

Your participation will contribute to a report analysing barriers to women’s careers which will be published for International Women’s Day 2018 and shared in a workshop run by Leverage HR at the JUMP Forum in Brussels on the 8th March 2018.

So check your emails and take the survey now before it’s too late…

We look forward to your collaboration!

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