Career gains at risk for women in Europe, US, Mercer warns

Preliminary When Women Thrive report shows no future growth seen in their share of professional jobs

The growth of women in the broad professional ranks of Europe’s leading employers is likely to stall in the years ahead, despite advances they have made in top executive roles, according to a preliminary report released today by the consulting group Mercer.

In 10 years, women who work in professional and more senior positions will make up 37% of those ranks—exactly the same proportion as in 2015, according to preliminary results in When Women Thrive, Mercer’s second annual report on the global outlook for participation, retention, and promotion of women in the workforce.

By comparison, the share of women in executive ranks in Europe will rise from 21% this year to 33% in 2025, the report projects, if organizations can maintain the momentum observed in the current year. Part of the reason for the faster trajectory is the corporate focus on hiring women at senior levels.


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