Chances are you don’t even know you are doing it.  Mansplaining is a real thing.  It is a behavior traditionally gender socialized by men that can be described as talking down to women, or over or under explaining when communicating with women.

Have you heard or said this before?

“I will explain it to you later, you don’t understand.”

“This is really complex, let me explain”….droning on…

This is mansplaining.

We’ll break down this unhelpful behavior and help you understand what it is, what to do when you notice it, and clever callout conversations you can easily have that make this potentially uncomfortable conversation more comfortable.

So, what is mansplaining?

Let’s introduce the concept with an analogy.  Think art.  As an appreciator, yet not a creative type, the art world has always eluded me.  How can two people look at the same piece and see two starkly different things?  That is because the intention of the artist often differs from the perception of viewer.  Perception is reality.

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