University of Virginia professor: ‘Men benefit professionally from sexual harassment’

University of Virginia professor Siva Vaidhyanathan recalled a time in graduate school when he worked closely with a professor who had “a powerful intellect, great editorial instincts,” and made him a far better writer. His female colleagues, he says, avoided the same opportunity because of the professor’s “notorious” behavior.

“I’m a much better writer and scholar because of his close, sincere attention to my work,” he tweeted, adding that, “I thought I was the good guy because I would run interference and warn women who did not know him that he was dangerous.”

Missing out on a working relationship with a particular professor may seem small in the grand scheme of someone’s career, but Vaidhyanathan tells CNBC that it’s missed opportunities like these that can keep women out of a field entirely — benefiting their male colleagues in the process.

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