‘Manbassadors’: Male MBAs aim to put an end to sexism at work

Students pledge to support female workers after graduation

The Sir John Balcombe, a traditional London pub noted in online reviews for “its British food and real ales”, is not the obvious venue for a business school student society looking to promote role models for gender equality.

Harish Patel, an MBA student at London Business School, who refers to the waitress as “love” when ordering food, may seem the wrong person to be leading the charge of a feminist movement. There is a lot that is counterintuitive about Manbassadors, the group Mr Patel co-founded with the backing of LBS’s Women in Business club. It is a male-led drive to support the cause of female executives. Mr Patel felt he had to act after seeing his sister struggle in her career after maternity leave. “The hoops she had to jump through just to agree to have some time off to cover childcare, it just didn’t seem fair,” he says. His hope is that such barriers are removed by the time his young niece enters the workforce.

There is a near-perfect balance of the sexes around the table at the Sir John Balcombe, where six men and seven women are locked in discussions over beer.

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