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We started The Good Men Project five years ago with a clear and important mission. We wanted to dispel the notion that all guys were interested in was sex, sports and beer. (Or that if they were interested in those things, that there was anything wrong with that.) We wanted to topple the myth that guys don’t read. Or that they don’t talk, or have emotions, or cry. We started The Good Men Project to counter the notion that stay-at-home-dads were at home only because they couldn’t get work. That a happy marriage is a myth. That there is only one way to be a man.

We knew it was an important conversation, but didn’t realize the impact we would have. Over 100 million visitors from every country in the world. 500 million total pageviews since we launched. Over 40,000 stories and articles about men, manhood, masculinity – about men, by men, for men. We didn’t realize the number of women who would want to be a part of the conversation. Or the number of media companies who would see us a both partners and leaders in the conversation – The Huffington Post, HLN, AskMen, Men’s Health, New York Times, Toronto Globe and Mail, XOJane, Parenting, iVillage, MamaMia, BBC, The Atlantic, YourTango, BuzzFeed, Gawker, Upworthy and many others.


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