What does it take for men and boys to reflect about manhood?

In the past decades, many women’s rights advocates have learnt that improving the health and wellbeing of adult and young women also requires engaging men, adult and young.

Program H is an evidence-based project that started in 2001 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s an action learning set of resources that focus on masculinities and their perception. The material is meant to be an inspiration, a source of discussion that is importantly highly adaptable.

To develop the Program H curriculum and approach, the global organization Promundo“carried out household surveys and qualitative research with young men showing more gender-equitable attitudes and determined critical factors in helping boys and young men adopt similar attitudes and behaviors. Partners around the world have since adapted these activities based on local research findings.”

In 2014, as winners of the inaugural Womanity Award, the Lebanese NGO ABAAD and Promundo tied another partnership to replicate Program H in Lebanon with a view of disseminating it further in the MENA region. In October of the same year, ABAAD and Promundo completed their first learning visit to the Balkans, adapting the program to a post-conflict setting. In 2015, ABAAD commissioned the translation of Program H manual, and completed a series of expert review meetings to critique and adapt the content manual to the MENA context – as a replication is never a one-size-fits-all process. Following this work, the team decided to use 12 units of Program H, using the Balkans’ adaptation as a model, as its context included elements of sectarian violence similar to the situation in Lebanon.

Simultaneously, ABAAD co-designed MenEngage Lebanon’s strategy to develop their recently established collaborative network with autonomous local and international member organizations promoting human rights and gender equality, and to boost their capacity.


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