World Economic Forum sets up shared platform to tackle gender gap and improve diversity recruitment

The World Economic Forum has weighed in on the female representation debate by launching a shared platform to provide information for businesses on how to tackle the issue.

Its Repository of Successful Practices is a public, web-based platform, open to businesses of any size to share their experiences of ways to close the gender gap, from helpingwomen in technology to financial sectors, all over the world.

Using a six-point framework, the Forum said its platform offers companies the chance to learn from and build on successful interventions that have achieved some form of increasing female representation.

Sharing best practices to help more women in to senior management jobs

Businesses can use the Repository to select practices depending on what they seek to address, such as the country they are based in or what policy they prefer.

“If we are to truly transform how women are integrated into the economy, we will need to promote learning and collaboration between stakeholders,” explained Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

“No one company, organisation or government has the answers.”

It cites the example addressing gender gaps in senior management roles, with a number of companies sharing their experiences of tailored leadership development programmes for highly-skilled women. The Repository shows how these programmes were introduced, the barriers the organisations faced and how effective they were.

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