Women on Boards in Europe: From a Snail’s Pace to a Giant Leap?

Decisive intervention makes a difference in increasing the representation of women on company boards, reveals the European Women’s Lobby’s report on progress, gaps and good practice as regard to women on boards in Europe, published on 29 February.

The EWL report, entitled ‘Women on Boards in Europe – From a Snail’s Pace to a Giant Leap?’ assesses the current situation and progress in ten European countries. It provides a comprehensive overview of the measures adopted in the recent years at national level to increase the representation of women in the boardrooms, building on the expertise of EWL member organisations.

Based on the analysis of what has already been done, the report proposes how legislation and other policies could be made more effective – both at EU and national levels. The findings of the EWL’s report can help us reach equal representation of women and men in boardrooms across Europe – sooner than in the 40 years time it would take with the current rate of progress.

Download the EWL report here.

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