The Hummer and the Mini — Big and Small Marketing to Women Trends

I just finished reading The Hummer and the Mini – Navigating the Contradictions of the New Trend Landscape, by Robyn Waters. A fellow member of the Women Gurus Network, Robyn is the former Vice President of Trend, Design, and Product Development at Target, so she certainly knows a thing or two about identifying and capitalizing on the powerful trends that drive the consumer landscape. In fact, she created a few trends herself during her successful career at Tarzhay.

Robyn’s idea is that companies are consciously choosing different business models in order to do good first, and then make money. This is a very different model than the “greed is good” one which we are used to. And it falls in line with my concept of “corporate halo” – that is, the sum of a company’s acts of social responsibility and community citizenship for the benefit of the whole community.

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