Are you being bullied at work?

I’ve experienced workplace bullying a couple of times and it was soul destroying. In one organisation staff would gossip about me, but not quietly enough for me not to hear; and in another colleagues felt I was working too hard and showing them up, so decided to obstruct and then ostracise me.

Over the 13 years that I have been providing career coaching I have found that the problem with bullying is that while you are experiencing it, you often question yourself, ‘is it me?’, ‘am I imagining it??’, or ‘am I overreacting’ and during this time, your confidence is being eaten away at.

In my experience most people only realise that they are being bullied in hindsight. According to an ACAS report, bullying is on the rise in the UK and recent news such as the France Telecom case in which it seems that bullying has led to the suicide of 19 staff, highlight the breadth of the problem!

I recently undertook some research on confidence, I wanted to understand that what positively and negatively impacts our confidence levels to assist my coaching clients better.

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