So You’re Pregnant…What To Consider Before Telling Your Boss

Once you’ve decided when to share the news about your pregnancy with your boss, there are steps you can take to ensure it is well received.

Now is the time to start reflecting on how long a maternity break you would like to take and your initial ideas on the handover of your role.

Before you sit down with your manager, here are some things to consider that may help you have a more productive discussion…

Research your company’s leave policies

Learn everything you can about your employer’s maternity leave policies. Some offer paid leave, some offer unpaid leave, and others allow sick days or vacation days to be put towards family leave. Read your employee handbook and consider setting up a confidential meeting with someone in HR.

Know your employment rights

Familiarise yourself with your local employment laws so you know what you’re entitled to. Most countries have public websites hosting this information and a simple Google search will offer a wealth of resources that point to what you need.

Figure out if you need to delegate your responsibilities

If you work in an intensely stressful or physically demanding job, plan to make arrangements to adjust your work responsibilities until you’re ready to deliver. Can you swap some tasks with one of your coworkers or delegate work to those who report to you as an opportunity for them to develop their skills?

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