The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths

While most business leaders now believe having a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to performance, they don’t always know how to achieve that goal. Here are eight powerful truths that can help turn aspirations into reality.

Diversity and inclusion as transformative forces

In 2013, Qantas posted a record loss of AUD$2.8 billion.1 This low point in the airline’s 98-year history followed record-high fuel costs, the grounding of its A380s in 2010 for engine trouble, and the suspension of its entire fleet for three days in 2011 after a series of bitter union disputes. Across the country, predictions surrounding the fate of Australia’s national carrier were dire.

Fast-forward to 2017, and the situation couldn’t be more different.2 Qantas delivered a record profit of AUD$850 million,3 increased its operating margin to 12 percent,4 won the “World’s Safest Airline” award,5 ranked as Australia’s most trusted big business6 and its most attractive employer,7 and delivered shareholder returns in the top quartile of its global airline peers and the ASX100.8

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