The right to say no

“To have a good job, you need to be willing to sacrifice”, at least that’s what I have always learned. “So do what is asked of you. Show your effort and commitment.” Effort and commitment are things that an employer expects from you. It’s also what I expect from my team. As an employer it’s not easy to deal with an employee who turns down a collective activity, you have carefully chosen. You chose the trainer, the location and paid for the catering,… Learning together, is there anything better? And who knows, we might even get to know each other better?

But not everybody will consider this to be a good time. And you don’t have to like it. A little while ago we organized a teambuilding for a large group of employees, those employees were really stuck in resistance. I can get it, for the most part I leave them be. Because even if we would like everybody to participate, that makes my job as a trainer and facilitator more fun, not everybody asked for this. Not everybody is jumping at the thought of being analyzed and known. There used to be a group, not mine, where the trainer was working an such a ‘deep’ level that participants started crying. I, myself, remember some off-site meetings with previous teams where I only wanted 1 thing, that we would stop poking my soul and I would finally be allowed to go outside to take a walk.

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