7 Steps to attract, source and recruit women

Women and the Recruitment Process

We know that companies that proactively recruit and hire women are more successful, but could your process be preventing you from reaching the best candidates? Here are 7 tips to help you recruit women the best way.

Women are more unlikely to be pro-active in applying for internal promotions than their male colleagues. They also take longer to entice into an executive search process, so it’s hardly surprising that there are fewer women in senior roles. What can in-house HR teams do to improve the results for sourcing and attracting female talent? The first steps will be to reassess your recruitment process to reach a greater number of potential female candidates.

How to source, attract and recruit women

#1 Make gender balanced short lists company policy

To recruit more women, a simple step is to formally increase the number of women on corporate short lists.  It should be officially integrated into company policy and communicated to all players in the recruitment process. Some organizations are now setting KPIs around specific targets. All involved should be encouraged to spread this vision in their female networks. If possible organisations should incorporate the goal into a mission statement in the public domain such as the web site and social media.  Companies should include stories of credible employees who have been through the process to highlight the success of the process and to act as role models.

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