Seven Changes that make your Gender Equality work impactful, accepted and valuable

Hundreds of leading women at the World Women Leadership Congress in Mumbai filled the large ballroom with stunning expertise and vibrant engagement. The only panel of that day, 17 February, discussed a delicate question: The invisible dynamics of gender bias. The only man on the panel, Michael Stuber, shares his top recommendations from 20 years of experience in advancing Gender Diversity on the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March).

1 Get the tone from the Top but the action from Middle Management

A lesson from decades tells us that we will not create momentum without a clear, consistent message from the top. This has to establish the sense and the vision for gender diversity. Our experience shows, however, that concrete actions leading to real progress should be decided upon at upper middle management levels. There we create traction on the organisation.

2 Put business targets first and make your gender numbers indicators for success

The ongoing disconnect concerns numbers. The political (or feminist) understanding is that a fair share for women is the actual goal. Our business-aligned versions set objectives regarding engagement, market share, innovation or brand image, and establish gender diversity and other metrics as indicators of success, i.e. meritocratic processes and their unbiased deployment.

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