Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Conversation On The State Of Gender Equality

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Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes
As the executive sponsor for the MARC program at Hydro One, I’m becoming more aware of the impact that gender equality has on our society.

When my six-year-old daughter was given the option to pursue carpentry or drama for an after-school program, she chose carpentry—and absolutely loved it. This reinforced my desire to provide support and opportunities for her to explore her passions, regardless of whether they’re considered “traditional” for girls or women.
edf4480bec4dd4d1a11dd464302634b9-huge-kiMichael Kimmel
SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
Executive Director, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

Resisting Complacency
It is clear that Sweden has been hit by a backlash regarding equality and that nothing in this world can be taken for granted. Equality must be fought for every day and on all levels, even in a country that is known to be one of the most equal in the world. In our homes, in schools, within politics and in our work places, we need to continue to talk about this and take action! And it is quite clear that, even if Sweden has achieved a high level of equality compared to many other countries, we must still examine our laws and regulations in order to move forward and achieve total equality—one hopes that is possible.

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